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60 Grams of Carbs
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This Week’s Menu!

Here’s What FITMeals is Serving This Week


Chicken Stroganoff w/ Rice

Beef Lo Mein

Honey Glazed Chicken w/ Fresh Sweet Potato Fries

Pasta Salad w/ Chicken


Turkey Chili Wrap

Chicken Salad Wrap

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competition meal prep service chicken stroganoff


How It Works

Step 1 – Choose Your Plan

choose a meal plan Select from a variety of meal plans tailored to your specific health goals. Then tell us of any allergies or food preferences you have.

Step 2 – Your Meal Is Prepared

meal is preparedOur food is prepared fresh daily to your standards. Your meal being prefect is our priority and we make sure that happens.

Step 3 – Enjoy Your Delivered Meal!

fast delivery meal serviceYour meals are delivered at the same predictable time every day by our friendly drivers. Enjoy the best tasting meals you never had to cook!

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What You Eat Is Important To Us!

Prepared Meals Nutritional Value

Nutrition is very important to helping you achieve your goals. You want to know the nutritional value of your meals, and you need to know what foods to stay away from. 



80% of weight-loss can be contributed to your diet